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Be A Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

We need you.

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The proverb which states that “one tree does not make a forest” is true in every way and it is no different when it comes to the financing of this hope giving and soul uplifting project which the Monday Ubani Foundation is. You can support us in the following ways:

Finance: We require the sum of N750 million Naira to purchase land, construct and equip the Monday Ubani Foundation for Human capital development .

 Skills: We require teachers and trainers who can offer up their precious time to come to the centre and train our students and impart knowledge to them in their various vocational pursuits of choice.

Spread The Word: You can also help us to promote this initiative to friends and colleagues as this would assist us in attracting more assistance in the 2 main areas listed above i:e Finance and Skilled trainers.

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