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Women of Substance

Women are the incubators of destiny; they’re the jewel of creation and the glory of mankind. Here at the Monday Ubani Foundation we pay special attention and have a keen interest in the safety, economic empowerment and overall wellbeing of women, because we recognize their significance and importance in our society.

If you empower the woman, then you are certain that the children will be taken care of, because women have a much deeper “compassion threshold” than men, and it is irrefutable. A woman can never sit idly by and watch her children go hungry. They will do anything within their power and ability to see to it that this never happens, and this is because of the compassionate nature of women.

It is with the aforementioned in mind that the Monday Ubani Foundation along with its technical partners has developed a number of training courses aimed at equipping women with the skills necessary in order for them to earn a living and put food on their respective tables.

The training courses being offered by “MUF” are as follows;

. Hair dressing

. Tailoring

. Make-up artistry

. Nail technician

. Embroidery and Jewelry making

. Baking

. Events management

. Personal shopper

. Personal assistant