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About Us



When we look around us, our workplaces, neighbourhood and the society we have a lot of people with broken dreams, broken spirits and broken physiology, many of them living with untreated emotional hurts and personality dysfunction.  It is only when we empathize with the people’s deprivation and hurts, that we will be genuinely moved to reach out to them and put in place sustainable healing mechanisms for the ailments of the people.

In line with this ideal our foundation was set up to render countless philanthropic services to humanity. The Monday Ubani Foundation (MUF) has at its core an unrelenting desire to lift the poor and the destitute in society from their current pitiable state into a new plateau of optimism and hope for the future.

With education and skills acquisition as it’s cornerstone, MUF aims to equip people with the skills necessary to be able to fend for themselves and for their families, or as the ancient proverb states “teach people how to fish”.

The foundation aims to train, equip and support thousands of micro-entrepreneurs who will in turn create employment and pay taxes to the state governments.

The Journey So Far

In 2013, this foundation started by giving alms we were able to save the life of a baby (Somaya) that had a hole in her heart and thereafter attracted the sum of #10,000,000 (Ten Million Naira) from the MTN Foundation for the victim.

This foundation also donated cash materials and drugs to Ikorodu flood victims in Lagos worth over #1,000,000 (One Million Naira) some years ago. He has rendered countless free legal services in aid of the poorest of the poor Nigerians who troop to his law firm daily.

But to make it sustainable, we have redefined our strategy to giving people the training opportunity that enables them to fend for themselves.

Our Vision

Is to take people from a place of helplessness and dependency into a state of economic independence.

 Our Mission

Is to make a lasting impact by equipping people to be able to earn their own living.

Our objective

The Monday Ubani Foundation was birthed with humanity in mind. The sole purpose of its existence is to uplift the human soul and provide a platform for Nigerians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds to be equipped with “relevant” vocational skills that can be easily monetized. Conventional education certainly has its place in society and rightly so, but the world is a diverse place filled with diverse needs and opportunities and therefore the proverbial “one shoe fits all attitude” can no longer work, especially in a country like Nigeria were multiplied

millions of our people are unemployed, and where essential skills such as tiling and plumbing which can provide thousands of jobs for our people are being done by the Ghanaians and the Togolese simply because our people are not adequately trained.

This foundation aims to bridge the skills gap plaguing our society and empower our youth, our men and our women in order for them to become bread winners and tax payers, and therefore contributing their quota to the development of our great nation. I urge you all to partner with me on this most noble of quests and together we will change our nation. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and digest this vision and I look forward to your partnership and support.