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What We Do

Our Rationale

It is on record that over 120 million Nigerians live below poverty line. Meaning that over 60 percent of our population are indeed poor. And with the worsening global economic situation more of our citizens will get into the mess because our level of development is makes it difficult for government to intervene appropriately.

The Monday Ubani Foundation (MUF), recognizes this fact about Nigerians and that is why they have made skills acquisition, training and economic empowerment the center piece of their philanthropic mission. The foundation plans to target the following demographics;


The Monday Ubani Foundation has a robust and well thought out agenda to empower young people in order to turn them into productive members of society. Youth is synonymous with energy and creativity, and the Monday Ubani Foundation being a strategy oriented organization, has designed the following programs for the youth.

  1. Youth Literacy Initiative:

This an initiative geared towards ensuring that every youth can read, write and solve the most fundamental and basic of mathematical questions. An illiterate mind is indeed the devils workshop, and as we have witnessed with some of the events of recent times which have besieged our nation, most especially the boko haram/terrorist organization, we can all attest to the fact that when a mind is tagged “illiterate”, it can easily be polluted by extremist speech which has led thousands of young lives to destruction. If a child is literate, he or she will begin to feel a sense of belonging within the wider society and would therefore begin to chart his or her own course in life.

The education of the youth is a non-negotiable necessity and the Monday Ubani Foundation (MUF) through its youth literacy initiative, aims to assist tens of thousands of youths from across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria by teaching them how to read and write. Youth literacy, a truly noble cause.

  1. Youth Creativity And Media Forum:

Life is about being able to maximize our God given talents in order for us to be able to make the most out of the opportunities that is presented to us, and the Monday Ubani foundation is poised to raise a new generation of young people who dare to dream and who dare to believe in the unseen possibilities that awaits them, because fortune has always and will always favour the bold, the daring and the courageous.

Hence the purpose of this forum is to harness the creative and artist skill sets which are so evidently domiciled within the Nigerian youth. If the Nollywood and music industries have thought us one thing, it is that there is nothing that the Nigerian youth cannot do, even with the most “crude” and “rudimentary” of equipments coupled with the shoe string budgets which many of them have to work with.

The Monday Ubani Foundation youth creativity and media forum aims to train/equip young people and provide platforms for them to be able to launch into the creative arts industry thereby transforming their economic fortunes. It is our sincere belief that the creative arts will overtake the hydrocarbon industry and become the leading foreign exchange earner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria within the next 10-15 years; the creative arts will become the highest grossing sector, in our opinion, in Nigeria, and will employ the highest number of youth also.

 We aim to build TV and music recording studios that would serve as an

incubator of future talent, a place where future creative artists will hone

their skills and be released like “arrows” into the lucrative entertainment

industry in order for them to stake their claim in the sector.

 Men of Standard

 Men of standard is a skills acquisition program targeted specifically at men who by reason of circumstance, have found themselves unable and ill equipped to provide for themselves and for their families simply because they lack particular skills sets necessary in order to become gainfully employed or self- employed as the case may be. The Monday Ubani Foundation men of standard initiative will provide vocational training for men that would equip them to become income producing members of society. The vocational courses we will offer include but are not limited to the following;

. Plumbing courses

. Electrical courses

. Tiling and plastering courses

. Metal work and welding courses

. Bricklaying courses

. Driving lessons

. Painting and decorating courses

. Gardening and Landscaping courses

. Poultry and animal husbandry courses

. Vulcanizing and Mechanical training

. Barbering courses

. Basic book keeping and accounting courses

. Basic I.T Skills training

. First aid training

. Furniture design

. And much more…

An employed man can no longer be a danger to society. The more men they are who are gainfully employed or self-employed, the less acts of criminality and lawlessness that we will see in our communities. An idle man is the devils workshop, and if we as a nation are serious about fighting crime, then we need to engage our men by providing them with skills that can give them the opportunity to make a decent livelihood. There is a clear correlation between crime and male unemployment, and the Monday Ubani Foundation is here to contribute its quota to the economic empowerment of our male populace.

 Women of Substance

Women are the incubators of destiny; they’re the jewel of creation and the glory of mankind. Here at the Monday Ubani Foundation we pay special attention and have a keen interest in the safety, economic empowerment and overall wellbeing of women, because we recognize their significance and importance in our society.

If you empower the woman, then you are certain that the children will be taken care of, because women have a much deeper “compassion threshold” than men, and it is irrefutable. A woman can never sit idly by and watch her children go hungry. They will do anything within their power and ability to see to it that this never happens, and this is because of the compassionate nature of women.

It is with the aforementioned in mind that the Monday Ubani Foundation along with its technical partners has developed a number of training courses aimed at equipping women with the skills necessary in order for them to earn a living and put food on their respective tables.

The training courses being offered by “MUF” are as follows;

. Hair dressing

. Tailoring

. Make-up artistry

. Nail technician

. Embroidery and Jewelry making

. Baking

. Events management

. Personal shopper

. Personal assistant

The Monday Ubani Centre For Human Capital Development

The Monday Ubani Foundation plans to build a training centre in any part of Nigeria which would house all vocational and skills acquisition training facilities and serve as a melting pot for the actualization of MUF’s mandate.

The proposed N750 Million Naira centre will consist of the following:

. Training rooms and a Conference centre

. Administrative offices

. Restaurant

. Television studio

. Recording studio