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The Monday Ubani Foundation was birthed with humanity in mind. The sole purpose of its existence is to uplift the human soul and provide a platform for Nigerians of all ethnic and religious backgrounds to be equipped with “relevant” vocational skills that can be easily monetized.
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The Monday Ubani Centre For Human Capital Development

The Monday Ubani Foundation plans to build a training centre in any part of Nigeria which would house all vocational and skills acquisition training facilities and serve as a melting pot for the actualization of MUF’s mandate. The proposed N750...
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The proverb which states that “one tree does not make a forest” is true in every way and it is no different when it comes to the financing of this hope giving and soul uplifting project which the Monday Ubani Foundation is.  We require the sum of N750 million Naira to purchase land, construct and equip the Monday Ubani Foundation for Human capital development .

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