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Men of Standard

 Men of standard is a skills acquisition program targeted specifically at men who by reason of circumstance, have found themselves unable and ill equipped to provide for themselves and for their families simply because they lack particular skills sets necessary in order to become gainfully employed or self- employed as the case may be. The Monday Ubani Foundation men of standard initiative will provide vocational training for men that would equip them to become income producing members of society. The vocational courses we will offer include but are not limited to the following;

. Plumbing courses

. Electrical courses

. Tiling and plastering courses

. Metal work and welding courses

. Bricklaying courses

. Driving lessons

. Painting and decorating courses

. Gardening and Landscaping courses

. Poultry and animal husbandry courses

. Vulcanizing and Mechanical training

. Barbering courses

. Basic book keeping and accounting courses

. Basic I.T Skills training

. First aid training

. Furniture design

. And much more…

An employed man can no longer be a danger to society. The more men they are who are gainfully employed or self-employed, the less acts of criminality and lawlessness that we will see in our communities. An idle man is the devils workshop, and if we as a nation are serious about fighting crime, then we need to engage our men by providing them with skills that can give them the opportunity to make a decent livelihood. There is a clear correlation between crime and male unemployment, and the Monday Ubani Foundation is here to contribute its quota to the economic empowerment of our male populace.