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Youth Creativity And Media Forum

Life is about being able to maximize our God given talents in order for us to be able to make the most out of the opportunities that is presented to us, and the Monday Ubani foundation is poised to raise a new generation of young people who dare to dream and who dare to believe in the unseen possibilities that awaits them, because fortune has always and will always favour the bold, the daring and the courageous.

Hence the purpose of this forum is to harness the creative and artist skill sets which are so evidently domiciled within the Nigerian youth. If the Nollywood and music industries have thought us one thing, it is that there is nothing that the Nigerian youth cannot do, even with the most “crude” and “rudimentary” of equipments coupled with the shoe string budgets which many of them have to work with.

The Monday Ubani Foundation youth creativity and media forum aims to train/equip young people and provide platforms for them to be able to launch into the creative arts industry thereby transforming their economic fortunes. It is our sincere belief that the creative arts will overtake the hydrocarbon industry and become the leading foreign exchange earner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria within the next 10-15 years; the creative arts will become the highest grossing sector, in our opinion, in Nigeria, and will employ the highest number of youth also.

 We aim to build TV and music recording studios that would serve as an

incubator of future talent, a place where future creative artists will hone

their skills and be released like “arrows” into the lucrative entertainment

industry in order for them to stake their claim in the sector.